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Cortisone Shot Specialist

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As a leading provider of pain management, Integrity Pain & The Vein Clinic, with locations in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona utilizes the full spectrum of available treatment options, including cortisone shots. Patients throughout the Valley, who suffer from joint pain caused by inflammation, have gained relief with cortisone shots at Integrity Pain & The Vein Clinic.

Cortisone Shot Q & A

What are cortisone injections?

Cortisone shots are injections used to reduce inflammation, and in turn, reduce pain and increase mobility in a particular area of the body. They are most commonly used to treat inflammation in joints, including the ankle, elbow, hip, knee, shoulder, spine or wrist. For example, patients with arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, are usually good candidates for cortisone injections.

What is cortisone?

Cortisone is a substance naturally produced by the adrenal glands. Injectable cortisone is synthetically produced to mimic that which is made in the body. These injections are very effective in decreasing inflammation, usually within a couple of days. For the best results, cortisone shots are used in conjunction with rest and rehabilitation.

What does getting a cortisone shot entail?

The procedure is quite simple. First, the area around the injection site is cleaned and numbed with an anesthetic spray. Then the needle is injected, guided by a fluoroscopy, which is a real-time X-ray that allows the doctor to view the needle as he directs the precise spot. The medication, which includes both a corticosteroid and an anesthetic, is released into the injection site. The anesthetic provides immediate pain relief, while the cortisone relieves pain and inflammation over time.

Who is a candidate for cortisone injections?

As with all treatment, the physicians at Integrity Pain & Vein Clinic begin by taking a thorough medical history and conducting a complete physical examination. Once an accurate diagnosis of the pain source is made, the doctor discusses all aspects of the condition and potential treatment options with the patient. Integrity Pain & Vein Clinic firmly believes that the most effective treatment plan is one in which doctor and patient work as partners. All of our pain management programs are also designed to manage pain while addressing its underlying cause. We are committed to providing compassionate care, tailored to each individual’s unique situation and lifestyle.

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