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How Spinal Cord Stimulator Puts Patients in Control

New technology for chronic back pain sufferers now allows patients to try out Spinal Cord Stimulation before deciding on whether to commit to permanent treatment. A neurostimulator is a device about the size of a stopwatch which triggers nerve fibers along the spinal cord replacing sensations of pain with a mild tingling. The electrical signals are sent through wires or leads which the patient controls with a handheld programmer.

Unlike other chronic pain treatments or surgeries, patients can experience neurostimulation and see if it relieves your pain before committing to the long-term therapy. After the evaluation, the unit can be surgically removed if patients decide to pursue a different treatment.

Unlike oral medications that circulate throughout your entire body, spinal cord stimulation targets the precise area where the pain is felt. For many, it provides relief when other treatments – like medications or injections – have failed.

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Amit M. Patel, MD Amit M. Patel, MD, is a board certified pain management and anesthesiology physician at Integrity Pain & Wellness.

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