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Integrity Cares


At Integrity, we believe it is vital to protect the world we live in and to provide support for the community we stand to serve. As such, our organization has taken action to help support the natural world we rely on today, as well as, make efforts to directly help serve our community members. This will lead us on the path to a more hopeful, sustainable future.


In recent years, the air quality of the valley has steadily decreased to the point of concern. We, at Integrity, feel that good air quality should be a basic human right. To this effect, Integrity has invested substantial funds into air quality efforts.

  • Our monthly donations to the Nature Conservancy ensure that hundreds are trees are planted annually in Arizona for improved air quality. 
  • Integrity has also converted to a fleet of electric, hybrid, and ULEV (ultra low emissions vehicles) vehicles.
  • Finally we have harnessed the abundant power of the Arizona sun with solar powered clinics, in order to decrease our reliance on coal burning plants.


We have worked to provide philanthropic sustaining contributions to The Salvation Army to help provide for those in greatest need throughout our communities. Every little donation goes to help meet human need without discrimination. 

Our staff also volunteers at rehabilitation centers that help those recovering from addiction within the community. We also help by donating materials that rehabilitation centers can use to help those on the difficult path of recovery.

At Integrity, WE CARE. Join us on our mission to help each other, our community, and the environment!

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